Out to the Pasture

Its official!! We are finally out to pasture!!! It has been a slow start this year with the cool spring temps and cloudy skies. Patients paid off though and the grass is finally tall enough to start rotating our cows from paddock to paddock.
The most important part of what we do on our ranch is managing our pastures in our rotational grazing system. Our purpose for doing this is to move the cows before they eat the grass to low to the ground. The more residual grass a paddock has the better its ability for regrowth, and the more water the land will retain. We take pride in our land and strive to leave it in better condition than it was before we started! Heres a great view looking out into one of our paddocks! 527
It was time to get our cows to taller grass today and so we saddled up the horses and grabbed our cattle dog, and off to the pasture we went. We always devise the “best” plan we can to get all the cows moved as swiftly as possible. This time of year is a bit more tricky because all the young calves aren’t familiar yet with where to go and how to respond to the horses and dog.

The planning stage.

The planning stage.

As Dad, Jordan, and I went out to rally all the pairs up to the gate we left Danielle in charge of keeping the cows walking in the right direction and she was also our official photographer for the day! 546553
Once all the cows were moved into their new paddock, dad and Jordan rode down into the creek to make sure that we didn’t miss any calves in the creek.565
All was well across the creek so they started making their way back with Shep following close behind.
All in all, the day went very well! The cows were sure happy to get to some new grass and the calves were kicking up their heels exploring their new pen. Its days like this that remind us all why we love what we do! It is the greatest occupation there is, and we will be loving it till our last day!
We hope you are all having a wonderful spring season and God bless!

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