The Cowboy Way

There are many different names: cowboy, cowgirl, wrangler, herdsman, cow-puncher, etc. Call it what you may, it all comes down to the same thing, passion! The work we do runs through our veins, either you have it or you don’t. The hard work and long hours may seem like a dread to some people but it’s what makes us who we are. Just like anybody a cowboy needs time to kick back and play, enjoying the benefits of all the hard work. One of our favorite ways to spend our free time is an old western tradition. Roping and riding!

Jordan competing in a ranch rodeo.

Jordan competing in a ranch rodeo.

Even though horse training is technically a chore it can feel more like play! Here are some photos of Jordan and Danielle working two of our ranch horses. Having fun while teaching them a few new tricks!
From the crew here at the ranch, hope you all are enjoying your summer and God bless. Till next time!

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