Bunk Building

Throughout this past summer we have been working on improving the efficiency of our winter stocking methods. One of the projects that we have spent a lot of time on has been our bunk line. The idea behind a bunk line is to be able to feed the cattle without having to drive into the pens and, if done right, it will reduce the amount of feed that gets wasted.
(Note:) all of the calves that use the bunk system are our GMO free corn-fed calves. We use the bunks for a mix of silage, oatlage, and grain. They have a constant supply of hay in front of them all the time. Our grass-fed calves are kept in a separate pen so they can be fed a different diet.
Here are some pictures of the construction of the bunks
For the best outcome on any farm or ranch you need to have good teamwork. Between all of us we bring some kind of unique talent to the table so it makes for a great finished product if we all work together.003027032
When we first started constructing the bunks we didn’t have a blue print or any written plan for that matter. So it was pretty slow going for the first bunk as we worked out all the kinks and came up with an end result that we all agreed on. Once that first bunk was done the next two moved along really smoothly!009
It is always fun to see a plan come together! Especially when the outcome is exactly what you had been dreaming of. This bunk line is one of those things. I know I can speak for the whole family when I say we are all so proud of how this bunk line turned out!004003
Well that about does it for today! Until next time, take care and stay warm! I’ll see you soon!

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