Pasture time!

When it comes to grazing our cattle we do things a bit different than the average rancher. The way we like to think about it is that we are grass farmers more so than cattle ranchers, we just use cattle to harvest our grass. So the number one thing that we focus on is pasture health.
The first step in this process is to let the grass grow tall before letting the cows out to pasture. Grass needs a solar panel in order to get the nutrients and energy it needs to grow so by letting it grow undisturbed for awhile it increases the health of the plants and therefore increases the health of the soil.
This year and all its goofy weather patterns have brought us a late start to grazing. But we finally got to move our cows out to pasture! It takes a while to get all the cows moved but spending the day on horse back sorting cattle is about as fun as it gets!
The cattle dogs are also a huge part of the process in moving cattle! I often wonder how we ever got along without them! Here is Parker, our full blood Boarder Collie, in the truck excited to unload the cows.
Shep was our first cattle dog, he is half Boarder Collie and half Blue Heeler. Here he is helping move the cows out.
Its such a great feeling to have the cows out to pasture! Seeing how happy and healthy the cattle are out in nature makes all of the chaos and hard work totally worth it! 045
Throughout the summer I will keep you updated with more fun facts and info on what’s going on here at the ranch!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and God bless!

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