Fun Fact Friday!

Its Friday! Time for a Fun Fact, and pasture management is whats its all about today! For as long as animals have roamed the earth mother nature has used them as land managers.
If you want to see how grazing was meant to be, all you have to do is watch how wild animals move across the land. Out in the wild herbivorous are prey to lots of different carnivorous animals; so they form large tight herds because there is more safety in numbers. Because they travel in such large herds, the land that they graze gets trampled down and covered in manure. This cycle causes the animals to move to new grazing spots frequently. The process of grazing animals in this way is called “mob grazing.” Mob grazing is the most effective and efficient method of grazing because it promotes soil health, constant fertilization and inhibits soil erosion by breaking down the existing plant mass and using it as a ground cover. Lets face it, no matter how advanced and convenient technology makes farming and ranching mother nature will always know better than humans how to take care of the land.

2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday!

  1. It has been so fun to watch our learning process with pasture grazing! We have really grown as a health conscious family and I’m so glad that we are doing rotational grazing! I love the way our land looks now days and it’s just fun to know that we have endangered birds on our land because of our organic practices!


    • I completely agree! The ranch looks totally different than it did before we started this journey! I am so proud of where we have come from when we started and I’m very excited about what the future holds!


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