Look who came for a visit!

Ever since Kaylyn got married and moved out to Wisconsin we haven’t gotten to spend as much time with her as we would like. So…when she makes the trip back to Minnesota with her boys, we always make it a memorable visit!
We decided it was time for a little cowboy training while Caleb was here!
This was his second time on a horse. The first time we put him on Danny (our Palomino) he was a little intimidated and he wanted off right away. His second time around went a lot better! He was as happy as he could be on top of our old ranch horse!
Another aspect of being a cowboy is learning to be a hopeless romantic! A man’s got to be able to sweep a young cowgirl of her feet! 🙂 Caleb is well on his way with his cute little dimple, throwing us kisses, and of course picking his momma flowers!
It’s one of our greatest joys to see the passion for agriculture being passed down to the little ones. If Caleb had things his way he would spend all his time outside following along behind the team and helping out when he can. That’s the foundation for building a farming and ranching legacy!
Here’s to passing down the greatest way of life to the next generation! Until next time!

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