Honey…I’m home!

One of our goals here at K Creek Ranch is to get to a point where we are growing/producing most of our food needs right from our own land. That is why we have cattle, hogs, meat and egg laying chickens, and goats…and now our newest project…bees!
Jordan has had a serious interest in bee keeping for a while now, and when a bee keeping friend of ours heard this he decided to show Jordan the ropes. Jordan came home from harvesting the honey trays and recruited Kaylyn, Danielle, and I to help him extract the honey.
One of my favorite aspects of projects like this one, is the hands on learning that comes with it. Jordan watched a short video on how to extract the honey from the trays and then he proceeded to teach the rest of us. There were still plenty of trial and error moments, but for the most part I’d say we got the hang of it!015
Here we are spinning the honey out of the trays.
We were so surprised at how much honey each tray held! We figured it was right around 1 quart per tray!
Something that we thought was really interesting was that the honey had two distinctly different colors and each color had a unique flavor to it.
On one of the trays the bees created a honey comb that extended out from tray. We had to cut it off so that we could extract the honey that was in the combs behind it. This is what it looked like after we took it off the tray.022
Luckily raw organic honey is one the healthiest sweeteners out there because Caleb got his fair share of it while we were working! He was pretty sticky by the end of the day!
All in all, that was a really cool experience and we all took another step forward in self sustainability!
Till next time!

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