Lyle’s Health Journey

It’s been really neat getting all the positive feedback on our health journey testimonials. Today I’m going to share Dad’s success story and with it I’m going to talk about what we’ve done above and beyond nutrition and exercise. Exactly one year ago our family got another weapon in our health arsenal and it literally changed Dad’s life in a way that we never new possible.

Dad had some really great results just by changing his nutrition and fitness regimen; as if loosing 35 pounds isn’t enough, he also reversed his allergies! He was happy with his success but there was still something missing. On a very regular basis he would still end up with really bad headaches and still struggled with constant back pain.

Do you remember that weapon I mentioned earlier…? Well his name is Dr. Neil! Okay, so it isn’t a real weapon; he’s a person…..but what he brought to our health journey was really the cherry on top!

Dr. Neil is a strong supporter of grass fed beef so the team at Inspired Chiropractic invited us, K Creek Ranch, to attend his Heart Health event as a vendor in March of 2015. He had a knock out speech about the meaning of health and proper body function. All the information we were hearing was right in line with the things that we had been learning over the last year of our health journey. It didn’t take long before we showed up for our first appointment at Inspired Chiropractic.  With the guidance of Dr. Neil and his great team we quickly learned about a few key components we had been missing.

1st Maximized Nerve supply. Growing up farming and ranching we all believed that chronic back pain was inevitable. I remember dad having a constant supply of pain medication in the house for those very frequent headaches and debilitating muscle cramps. We had been going to a chiropractor for many years but would only receive temporary pain relief. With Dr. Neil being trained in corrective care, he is helping us reverse our spinal subluxation; in turn eliminating our back pain!

It blew our minds when we were able to notice a decrease in muscle tension and back pain within the first few adjustments. Very seldom does Dad ever have back pain anymore; something we never thought was possible. Dad feels better now at 50 than he did in his 30’s! Thank you Dr Neil!

2nd Maximized Mind. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed while working on the ranch, which poses a definite threat to our health. As hard as it is to remove stress completely, we now know the importance of managing stress as much as possible. Taking big issues to prayer is our way of staying at peace, especially when we are faced with hard times.

3rd Minimizing toxins. Window cleaner, bleach, hand sanitizer, brand name soaps, and shampoos all went out the door. As we learned about all of the harsh chemicals used in cleaning products, we got really discouraged knowing how many of them we had within our home. It took a bit of effort to learn how to properly read labels so we could minimize the toxic load we had been dumping on ourselves over the years.

The difference that Inspired Chiropractic has made in our lives is priceless. We have so much freedom now that we aren’t weighted down (literally) with nagging health issues and back pain. Living is so much more fun when you feel great for the ride!

Here are some pictures showing Dad’s success!


Before picture of Dad.


Here’s a good full body view of Dad’s before.

001 (3)

Dad’s After!!!!! So proud of Him!!!!

When I asked dad what his favorite part of being healthy is he told me, “being free from the different food addictions, such as sugar and coffee. I also enjoyed finding my abs again!” (that last part didn’t surprise me!)

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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