JoAnn’s Health Journey….From FAT to FIT….. a moment by moment choice!

Moms health journey









I want to begin my story by answering a question I get asked a lot now that I have gotten a handle on my health. “Wasn’t it HARD to give up all the food you loved?”

My answer is NO!!! What I gave up was feeling sick, bloated, foggy headed and miserable. I gave up strange rashes that were occurring on my skin. I said good-bye to gastric issues that kept me from going out in public. I got rid of gall stones without surgery! I no longer have allergy symptoms or swollen joints. This list could go on and on.

As of today, I’ve downsized my body by 8 inches! My skin looks heathier and I feel GREAT!

Was it hard? At first… YES! The hard part was getting through the sugar cravings to become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. Now when I do have something that contains organic sugar, the first thing I notice is swelling in my joints! I was literally brainwashed into thinking that all this stuff happens just because I was…are you ready for it….getting older!! Well, I have found that you really are WHAT you EAT!  Sadly my idea of “healthy” food was no flavor, bland, and boring!  That concept has been totally changed.  The organic food we eat is WAY more flavorful than anything I have ever had before.  We love all of the new recipes we have found!  We totally look forward to each meal!

Thanks to my daughter, Jessica, stumbling across a grass fed beef article that led her to a health webinar, our lives have been changed forever!  I am very grateful that she was instrumental in getting us headed down the right track.  I was so overweight, the idea of exercise was overwhelming! However I started our journey on Jan 14th 2014 with the goal of exercising! Consequently, I was to weak and to fat to continue, and my thoughts were defeating; so I decided I was just going to change WHAT I ate. Yes the weight did come off a lot more slowly than my exercising family, but I was noticing a definite improvement in my health symptoms!

My missing link came in the form of Inspired Chiropractic in Sioux Falls with Dr. Neil Rohe. All of the things I have learned about health and the importance of spinal curvature have given me the tools and the motivation to really make lasting changes in my diet. To know that our bodies are designed by God to heal, is comforting. Many times in the past I would go for emergency adjustments when my back was in crisis. Now keeping my spine in perfect alignment allows healing when I stress or strain my back. I love the fact I never feel like I need a crisis adjustment anymore, and being pain free is the best gift of all!

Today I am able to run around the park and play with my grandbabies and it is SO worth all the “sacrificing” I did to get here. I now actually enjoy exercising because I know I can only get better from here. They say age is an attitude; I totally disagree, age has everything to do with how healthy you are! God bless and we would love to mentor you in your health journey no matter what stage of it you are in!


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