Potato Gardening The Easy Way!

Growing Spuds has always been a very enjoyable job to me...well except for the laborious planting, the never ending weeding, and the time consuming harvest. Okay. Okay. I didn't really like it that much, despite my positive attitude towards the daunting task. As we have learned over these past two years our process of planting potatoes was severely … Continue reading Potato Gardening The Easy Way!

A look back at 2016 from K Creek Ranch!

We are so thankful to be able to share our passion of promoting health from the soil up!  We are even more grateful that you share in this passion!  Over the past couple of years it became evident to us just how important health is!  Dr. Neil Rohe from Inspired Chiropractic has had a major … Continue reading A look back at 2016 from K Creek Ranch!

Recipe: Balsamic Pesto Seared Fillets!

Grass fed beef fillets + pesto + balsamic= BEST STEAK DINNER EVER! Normally this type of information is classified, but I'm willing to take the risk of sharing it with my loyal readers! The release of this recipe comes with a hefty warning, the risks include: addiction, over-eating, obsession, and invasion of neighbors that live within the aroma drifting radius! Be sure to … Continue reading Recipe: Balsamic Pesto Seared Fillets!

JoAnn’s Health Journey….From FAT to FIT….. a moment by moment choice!

                I want to begin my story by answering a question I get asked a lot now that I have gotten a handle on my health. “Wasn’t it HARD to give up all the food you loved?” My answer is NO!!! What I gave up was feeling sick, … Continue reading JoAnn’s Health Journey….From FAT to FIT….. a moment by moment choice!

Lyle’s Health Journey

It's been really neat getting all the positive feedback on our health journey testimonials. Today I'm going to share Dad's success story and with it I'm going to talk about what we've done above and beyond nutrition and exercise. Exactly one year ago our family got another weapon in our health arsenal and it literally changed Dad's life in a way … Continue reading Lyle’s Health Journey

Danielle’s Health Journey

January of 2014 marks a pinicale point in our family's life. That was the begining of a major paradigm shift that completely changed our lives. Today I want to take you back in time to show you just how far we've come! I remember many times having secret conversations about Danielle's health with my family. We had all become very aware of … Continue reading Danielle’s Health Journey