100% Grass Fed Beef

At K Creek Ranch we strive to keep our lean, tasty, 100% grass fed beef available year round. Feel free to call us with questions on availability.  The majority of our beef will be ready between June and August, so we also send out an email when those animals come available for whole, half and quarter purchases. We pride ourselves in producing a very high quality, healthy meat, and we encourage your feedback.

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When ordering a custom whole, half or quarter beef, let us know what you want, send a $300 down payment to guarantee your portion and we will let you know your hanging weight as soon as we receive it; then you can send the rest of the payment based on the hanging weight of your particular animal. We do our processing in Elkton SD.  For the locker processing fees you will work with the locker directly.

Mailing Address is:  K Creek Ranch 1540 100th St N Canby, MN 56220   Include your name, full address, email address, quantity you are ordering and phone number so we can pass this info on to the locker.

At Elkton, processing fee is approximately $1/lb. with the basic cutting/grinding fees. The more highly processed items will have extra processing fees such as summer sausage etc.

Our beef will range from 480 lb. to 800 lb. hanging weight; the cost per animal will vary accordingly. Most of our beef raised is under 30 months of age, however if ever there is one older, there will be some de-boning done, so you will receive New York Strip Steak and Fillets instead of the T-Bone steaks.  You can request a larger or smaller carcass animal at time of order.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form below.

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Sales & Marketing
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Grazing Specialist
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Feed Specialist
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