Custom cut vs Pre-cut beef.

Custom cut beef vs. Pre-Cut Quarters, Halves and Wholes!

A pre-cut beef:

One of our pre cut beef quarters will includes the following cuts:    Steaks: Ribeye, Sirloin, Fillet, & Strip; all are cut 1 inch to an 1 & 1/4thick,   Roasts are 2.5 to 3.5 lbs each and include the following: Sirloin Tip, Rump, Arm and Chuck.  Meaty soup bones, 1 lb package of Ground Beef, Short Ribs, Heart, Tongue & Liver, Bone Broth Bones, & brisket. 

All meat is vac sealed in clear plastic.  We have paid the processing fee to the locker so it will be added to your total for the meat, which is priced on the hanging weight.

A custom cut beef

A Custom cut beef will be between you and the locker on how you want your beef cut.  We deliver the beef to the locker, get the hanging weight and call you with your total.  Once we receive payment we will give the locker your phone number and they will contact you on your cutting order.  You will be responisble for paying the processing fee to the locker and pickup.  If you live a large distance from the locker and live in one of our delivery areas, you can make arrangements for us to pick it up for a pickup fee of $30 if we are not picking up meat for already.

Beef on a first come basis with a $300 downpayment.  You can send check

to:  K Creek Ranch 1540 100th St N Canby MN  56220