Chef Jessica’s Kitchen Criteria

Raising high quality delicious meat products gives me a lot of great opportunities for creating new and fun recipes! Hand down the most important part of cooking is starting with quality ingredients. That’s why on this page I would like to give you an overview of what some of my kitchen criteria are.

Most importantly I make sure that its real food! I know it sounds simple but it’s so important to stay away from processed food. Know how to read labels…if you can’t pronounce it or it sounds more like a chemical than a food its best not to eat it!

So to break that down here’s a list that shows how I choose my ingredients.

1st: Healthy sources of protein! When it comes to ruminant animals (i.e.. beef, sheep, goat, buffalo, deer, etc.) make sure that it is 100% grass fed. When it comes to omnivore animals (i.e. poultry and pork) it is crucial to make sure they are GMO free. Meat sources in general should be free from added hormones/steroids, added antibiotics, and avoid feedlot/confinement animals.

2nd: Buy Organic! In order to stay away from nutritionaly void food that’s loaded with chemicals it’s crucial to buy organic!! In doing this you will also be staying away from GMO products because they are not allow in organic production at all! Its a win win!!

3rd: Replace conventional dairy with organic, 100% grass fed, full fat, raw dairy! I know that’s a long list but believe me it is entirely worth it! I recommend finding a local farmer who meets these criteria!

4th: Kick processed sugar to the curb! Instead of buying toxic white sugar and high fructose corn syrup turn to the healthy alternatives; raw organic honey, stevia, pure maple syrup, and coconut sugar. Keep in mind that none of these sweeteners are meant to be eaten in excess…all forms of sugar should be limited!!

5th: Sprouted grains are best! Grains in general are hard on the digestive system so by sprouting them first they become more nutritionally available to us and are less stressful to the gut!

Now that you’re armed with my kitchen criteria go on and check out my recipes!! If you have a recipe request for me to make and share write it in the comments!!