Cooking Tips

Steak Cooking Tricks and Tips 

When cooking lean meats there are a few tricks I use to get that succulent juicy steaks
while frying or grilling. These tips apply to all cuts of steak but it’s important to know what the tenderness is on the different cuts. Fillets are easily the most tender followed by rib-eyes, these are generally the two choice cuts. New York Strip would be next, it’s close to the quality of a rib-eye but it doesn’t have quite as much marbling. Sirloins are the least tender with less fat than the rest, if cooked right sirloins can be delicious; but, if you want to make steak tips this is the cut to use out of the four choices.

The key with cooking any type lean meat is to use lower
temperatures. The way I get those beautiful grill marks or seared steaks is by heating the grill or pan on medium high heat, when the pan is up to temp place your steak in the pan or on the grill. When you reach the desired color, which generally takes about 2 minutes per side, take the steaks off the heat and let sit for 5-10 minutes at room temp. Then finish off in the oven at 350 degrees: it’ll take somewhere between 5-10 minutes for med-rare doneness and increasing time for more well done steaks. Note: every grill/stove heat a differently so you may need to adjust your temp/timing. You want a nice sizzle while the steak is cooking.

        When steaks are done wait to cut into them until they have sat at room
temperature for at least 3 minutes, this will ensure that your steaks stay nice and juicy.

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