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K Creek Ranch is a multi-species grass-based operation that focuses on absolute health starting with our soil! We want to produce the best quality food through regenerative agriculture practices such as high intensity short duration grazing, chemical free production and pest control, and permacultures. 

Our goal is to create a massive health movement so here in the Education Center we want to supply our readers with some fantastic health resources and inspiration to help you in your health journey! We want to share the stories of our personal health journeys but also share some of the most valuable information we’ve found through our experiences. We hope you enjoy it!   

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 Health Partners

Inspired Chiropractic, Sioux Falls SD

Dr. Neil Rohe

Dr. Neil Rohe D.C.

Dr. Neil Rohe is passionate about helping others have great health. As a person who was once on multiple medications, struggling to find solutions he has personally seen the life change that chiropractic can offer. After going from doctor to doctor he discovered the difference between a clinician that is going to focus on relief care only and one who seeks to understand underlying causes to problems. This is why he has dedicated his practice life to helping others find the cause of their problems and create real, lasting solutions. He has extensive training in all 5 essentials with a focus on spinal correction.

Minnetonka Family Chiropractic



Dr. Colin Schulze D. C.

Where to find K Creek Products

Peoples Organic Coffee: Minnetonka, MN


Peoples Organic Cafe in Minnetonka serves K Creek Ranch 100% Grass Fed Burgers! We also love their sweet potato fries and mango smootie!

Natural Food Coop: Sioux Falls, SD

Natural Food Coop in Sioux Falls carries K Creek Ranch 1oo% Grass Fed Beef.

Health Resources


   Dr. Axe was a great source of recipies and health info as we began our journey. We found out about a year into our journy that Dr. Axe was a Maxliving Doctor turned health coach! So our Health partners at the top are both Max Living Chiropractic clinics so you can have “hands on” coaching and spinal correction!!

    Dr. Mercola is a very brillient Dr. with amazing information. He is very detailed and thorough in his teaching. Great source of info.

IRT is a world leader in educating the public and change-makers about the health risks and environmental dangers of GMOs and associated pesticides. We empower consumers to lead an organic lifestyle and shape the changing marketplace to reject GMOs from the food supply and environment.

Documentaries we found helpful!

Keep the hives alive  (live link)  Also proud to say Jessica is part of this documentary!

Change in Action on a Local Level~ Brandt SD.

Blue Dasher Farms came to K Creek Ranch and ran extensive testing on our organic farm land and ranches. The data collected showed us just how God created the earth to take care of itself when we don’t interfer with the ecosystem by adding chemicals and un-natural things to the ground.

During the summer when all of the conventional farmers directly across the road are “spraying” for bean aphids, we don’t need to because our land had “natural” predator bugs to eat the pest bugs without any foreign interference! I posted a link below for you to check out the cool works that they do and if you find it as awesome as we do, maybe you could help with a donation to their works! Or order some of thier delicious honey! 


We can grow food AND conserve the environment. That is our vision. Blue Dasher Farm is well situated for investigating the practices and farming systems that are adapted to the northern plains and upper Midwest. Over the next several years, we plan on expanding our fifty acre Deuel County South Dakota farm to a few hundred acres. Simultaneously, we hope to establish a network of research, education, and demonstration farms throughout the country that will promote our mission while accounting for different geographical variations and circumstances.