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Education Center!

K Creek Ranch is a multispecies grass based operation that focuses on absolute health starting with our soil! We want to produce the best quality food through regenerative agriculture practices such as high intensity short duration grazing, chemical free production and pest control, and permacultures. 

Our goal is create a massive health movement so here in the  Education Center we want to supply our readers with some fantastic health resources and inspiration to help you in your health journey! We want to share the stories of our personal health journeys but also share some of the most valuable information we’ve found through our experiences. We hope you enjoy it!   

Health Testimonies


JoAnn’s Story Click photo!




Lyle’s Health Journey



Danielle’s Health Journey 




Jessica’s Health Journey






 Health Partners

Inspired Chiropractic, Sioux Falls SD

Dr. Neil Rohe




Minnetonka Family Chiropractic, Minnetonka MN

Dr. Peter & Natalie Gianforte

Dr. Colin Schulze

Dr. Justin Lee

                                               Where to find K Creek Products

Bozied’s Shell Gas Station: Brookings, SD




Cottonwood Coffee: Brookings, SD




Natural Food Coop: Sioux Falls, SD



Trev’s Kitchen: Lynd, MN





Health Resources

Documentaries we found helpful!

Fed up                     Food Matters

Keep the hives alive  (live link)  Also proud to say Jessica is part of this documentary!