Other Healthy Foods From Golden Era Farms

Golden Era Farms is owned and operated by our oldest daughter Kaylyn and her husband Matt.

They raise outdoor pork, chicken and turkey! They use our organic livestock feed and use chicken/turkey tractors to rotationally graze the poultry! They are helped out on the farm by our grandsons, Caleb 10, James 9, Mason 7 and Riley soon to be 5!! Little miss Mikayla who is just baby now, will soon be tagging along behind the crew at chore time.

Pastured Pork

In the first photo, one of the amazing new items they have for sale is Blueberry Breakfast links…OH MY! They are so delicious!

For questions or to order from the Dwyer Clan at Golden Era Farms, Text Matt at 292-339-9844

or find them on Facebook

Hand made candles for all occasions!

Our Daughter, Kaylyn fell in LOVE with candle making and has come up with some of the most incredible scents!

If you live near Brookings SD, you can catch them at the Farmers Market every Saturday from May 1st – the last Saturday in October.

Hand Crafted 5 ingredient Soaps

For those who are wanting a toxin free soap, this is the best! Made with 5 ingredients, including the amazing pork fat from their hogs, this soap is not only good for you, but the scents are amazing and the molds that they use will make a cute addition to any bathroom.

Price sheet