Join our “KNOW YOUR SOURCE” Movement!

Family Photo BannerKnow YOUR source so YOU can feel confident that you are putting the healthiest food in your body!

With all of the over use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides on the land today, we want you to get to know us and how our “regenerative” farming mindset is improving the soil health!  We are excited about our “KNOW YOUR SOURCE”  movement!  We know that money talks and when you support your local producers of food; taking that dollar away from big box stores and those who use misrepresentation in labeling, you can send a message that enough is enough!

This page will feature farmers who are concerned with the health of our soils, plants, animals, people and the environment that meet our standards of health so you have a “source” for finding the healthiest food around.

Check in often as we will be adding more names to the list!

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