Egg Plant Parmesan!

I believe there are two kinds of people in the world… People who love eggplant and people who wish they liked delicious food! For those of you in the first category I can pretty much guarantee that I am soon to become your favorite person in the world! If you happen to be in the second category you have no reason to worry! This recipe is bound to make you rethink everything you’ve ever believed about food!

Keep reading!! You’ll thank me later!

To start this meal off, it’s super helpful to have a large eggplant for slicing; it takes a lot less time to make if you have big slices. Like this beauty, the eggplant I mean…not the chef!







An eggplant this size should easily feed 10 people; unless your appetite is abnormally large!

There are quite a few prep items to make before the cooking process begins.

Step 1: Seasoned Flour

Mix together: 1 cup oat flour (gluten free)

1 cups spelt flour (gluten free)

2 TBSP granulated garlic

2 TBSP salt  (I prefer Himalayan pink salt)

2 TBSP Italian seasoning

Step 2: Egg Wash

Whisk together: 1 cup organic whole milk (preferable grass fed and unpasteurized)

1 large egg (from pastured laying hens)

Step 3: Slice Eggplant

I slice my eggplant pretty thin but it all depends on your preference.

Step 4: Start cooking!

In large skillet on medium to medium high heat brown:

1 pound K Creek Ranch ground beef or ground lamb

*Need some great meat?! CLICK HERE

1 medium onion, diced

1 small pepper, diced (pick your favorite type of pepper, they all work well)

2 medium garlic cloves, minced

While meat is browning start frying eggplant in large skillet.

When the meat is nicely browned add in:

1 quart of canned tomatoes (plain or Italian work best but you can use whatever)

Allow to simmer until the sauce thickens slightly, then remove from the heat.

Step 5: Dredge Eggplant

For thick breading: first dredge in the flour then the egg wash and again in the flour.

For thin breading: first dip in the egg wash then dredge in the flour.

(You can also first dredge the eggplant in the flour and then dip into the egg wash. This method uses less oil because the flour isn’t able to soak up the oil from the pan. Although you won’t get the nice breading texture like you do with the other two methods.)

Notes: 1) Start by frying one slice of eggplant and taste test before continuing; adjust seasoning if necessary. 2) Eggplant soaks up oil fairly fast so be sure to keep the bottom of the skillet covered in oil as you fry the eggplant. You’ll notice the flour mixture browning and smoking if your pan gets to dry; if this happens clean the pan out before you fry anymore. 3) You will have to adjust your heat as you go, you’ll want the eggplant to sizzle when placed in the pan but make sure to keep the temp low enough that the pan doesn’t smoke. It can be a bit finicky at first but keep adjusting until you can find the right balance.

Fry eggplant until golden brown on both sides. When they’re done frying, shingle them into a greased 9×13 casserole pan. Cover the bottom of the pan with eggplant, then pour a light coating of the meat mixture on top. Sprinkle grated cheese on top and repeat the process. You can do as many layers as you’d like!

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until cheese is smooth and melty!


This might sound kind of complicated at first but after you make it a few times you’ll feel like a pro! There’s a lot to this recipe but its all simple steps so there’s no reason to feel intimidated. You Got This!!








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