Calves, Calves, and More Calves!

Spring is upon us here are the ranch and we couldn’t be happier. This year’s winter brought with it some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in a long time. It made for a tough calving season but, with the proper management, we came out with great success! The calves are thoroughly enjoying these rising temperature.
As is normal for a farm or ranch though, after you overcome one obstacle (ie.the cold temps) another one is waiting for you, in this case it’s all the mud. It is very important for us to put up enough straw and cornstalk bales in the summer so that we are prepared for this season in particular. By being on top of bedding down the lots, we help insure that we keep healthy calves.
This year has been a year of twins for us! Its always exciting when a mother cow has two healthy babies on the ground when we go out to do our checks. In a lot of cases the mother has enough milk to support both calves for the summer, but when they don’t we will take one of the calves off and bottle feed it. We had one case this year where we went back and forth on our decision to bottle feed one of the twins. In the end we figured it best to do so just to be on the safe side. Here is a picture of me spending some quality time with our bottle calf. She’s a cute little stinker!!
Heifer development is one of my favorite aspects to ranching! Every year we save back heifers from our best producing cows to keep in the herd for breeding. Its always exciting when our replacement heifers are due to calve and we get to see our hard work pay off. This next picture is of one of my favorite heifers and her bull calf right after she freshened. Just as I had expected, she turned out to be an easy calver, a high milk produce, a very docile mother, and a very nurturing mother! All in all, she is probably one of the most impressive heifers that we have raised!
Well it’s about time for me to be getting back to work!
We hope that everyone reading this is enjoying our very welcomed spring season. I’ll see you back here soon!

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